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Join the most important and complex event in Romania dedicated to the sustainable mobility industry, that will bring together top specialist and decision makers from Romania and other European countries, CEOs, entrepreneurs, local and European authorities and representatives of the European Union.

They will discuss the latest topics related to e-mobility, present pan-European projects currently being implemented in Romania and other European countries, raise awareness on the importance of driving electric and choosing sustainable transport alternatives, reducing CO2 emissions and living a more sustainable and conscious life.

FOCUS ON GDPR - The Impact on the Romanian Business Market

As of May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enters into force, providing a new, comprehensive data protection framework with increased obligations for any organization managing personal data.

The new paradigms in terms of personal data, the importance of the human factor in GDPR, the challenges in aligning internal processes and the  changes in sales and marketing strategies will be the main topics discussed at the conference.

Electric Cars - The Future Now

Now at its third edition, the conference Electric Cars – The Future Now will discuss the latest upgrades the electro-mobilty industry: from upgrades made by manufacturers to the electric vehicles in their portfolios, to the current situation of the electric charging station map and future perspectives.

The main conference sessions will showcase the advantages and disadvantages of electric cars, explore financing solutions and ways of maximizing the return of investment, identify methods of consumption optimization and analyse the electric car & charging station market in Romania.

e-Mobility Weeks

The “e-Mobility Weeks” campaign is the first one of its type in Romania and it’s dedicated to informing, educating and raising awareness on the benefits of ecological mobility.

The campaign also focuses on two of the most pressing environmental issues – CO2 emissions and climate change.

Numerous locations, countless hours of debates and a large number of participants are the main features of this campaign.

Non-financial Reporting - The Key to a Sustainable Business

”Non-financial Reporting – The Key to a Sustainable Business” conference aims to serve as a meeting platform for CSR specialists, NGOs and companies to discuss how to use CSR to integrate economic, environmental and social objectives in their business strategy.

Our designated experts will present an in depth analysis of a sustainability report, according to European standards and regulations and will discuss the main trends, directions and challenges associated with sustainability and CSR.

Sustainable Building: A Step into the Future

Finding the perfect balance between design, construction and the environments, along with gaining a deep understanding of a building’s life cycle are the real challenges for the specialists. Therefore, between the design teams, the architects, the engineers and the final client, must exist a close cooperation, all for the optimization of various elements regarding durability, utility and comfort.

”SUSTAINABLE BUILDINGS – A STEP INTO THE FUTURE” conference aims to serve as a meeting platform for specialists to discuss the most recent trends in terms of sustainable building, to debate the regulations concerning the matter and to encourage a responsible approach towards the environment.

Ecological Cars, The Future Now

The pollution and energy problem expands each day. Where there is energy, there is also pollution, therefore, in order to reduce the pollution we have to reduce the energy consumption. It’s a compromise game, since people want to travel fast, which implies a growth of fuel consumption and bigger emissions of greenhouse gases.

Despite this, changes in mentality and technology are happening, faster than we expected. The eco cars are slowly, but firmly, penetrating the automobile market, to satisfy a growing demand.

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