Ecological Cars – The Future Now


  • What eco car options we have today and which are most suitable financial options?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of using green cars? How can be disadvantages minimized by investing?
  • What are the total costs involved when you buy an eco car? How long it takes and how much costs to charge an eco car?
  • When will we have a national strategy for battery recycling?
  • We have less than 50 electric charging stations nationwide. What are the future plans regarding the implementation of electric charging stations?
  • What are the expected changes in legislation and regulations with the greatest impact in the field?
  • What advantages and disadvantages presents electric cars from the insurance companies point of view?
  • What insurers have insurance policies dedicated to eco cars?
  • The operational leasing to buy an electric car
  • What is the level of Romanian corporate interest to purchase eco fleets and what companies already own a fleet of electric cars?
  • Myths and truths about eco cars
  • What packages of financial incentives has the government planned to encourage purchases of electric cars – bonuses or tax deductibility? Does Romanian state encourages sales of eco cars?


Alexandru TEODORESCU- CEO, Renovatio

Adrian RATIU- Managing Partner, Casa de Avocatura Raţiu & Raţiu

Robert MAFTEI- Executive Director, Unicredit Leasing Fleet Management

Alexandru SEREMET- Corporate Communication Manager, BMW Group Romania

VLAD MIHAILA – Training Manager, Volkswagen


Oraan MARCULESCU- Business Manager

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