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Food waste is one of the most pressing problems that the world is facing today. A whooping number of around 88 million tonnes of food are wasted annually only in the EU, with associated costs estimated at 143 billion euros.

This issue is not only an ethical and economical one, but it’s also an environmental one, since limited natural resources are highly endangered.

Each of us, both at an individual level and also at higher ones, plays an important role in preventing and reducing food waste. From farmers, food manufacturers, processors and producers, to those who sell food for consumption (small and big retailers, restaurants, hotels) and eventually consumers themselves, we are all responsible for our actions.


  • To raise awareness on the major implications of food waste.

  • To encourage a healthy attitude towards food and to advocate for local and not so appealing food

  • To reduce the quantity of food wasted in schools and households.

  • To encourages the reduction of consumer and household food waste to achieve

    environmental and economic benefits.


In educational institutions across Bucharest and other major cities in Romania.


During 2017


In the first part of the campaign, students will learn from designated specialists (chefs, nutritionists, company representatives) all there is to know about food waste, how to fight against it and how to collect and dispose of garbage correctly.

Our aim is to help them gain a deeper understanding of the current situation and to motivate them to be part of the change.

The second part of the campaign marks the start of the competition. According to their age group, students will face a certain challenge whose completion will bring them special prizes.

We want to challenge their creativity, to offer them a chance to learn while having lots of fun.

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