In October, we launched the “e-Mobility Weeks” campaign
In October, we launched the “e-Mobility Weeks” campaign

In October, we launched the “e-Mobility Weeks” campaign

Starting with 11th October 2016, in partnership with Idea Events and the Romanian Association for Sustainable Mobility we launched the “e-Mobility Weeks” campaign Bucharest, 2016. The main partner of the campaign was Kaufland Romania.

The “e-Mobility Weeks” campaign is the first one of its type in Romania and it’s dedicated entirely to informing, educating and acknowledging the benefits of ecological mobility. The campaign also focuses on two of the most pressing environmental issues – CO2 emissions and climate change. This year, the Ambassadors of the event were schools and office parks in Bucharest.


International British School of Bucharest and Lauder Reut Educational Complex were the hosts of the first debates, therefore becoming the Ambassadors of the e-Mobility Weeks. Teachers and students attended a special discussion on the topic of electric mobility and how it can contribute to the reduction of pollution and an overall healthier environment and lifestyle.


Oraan Mărculescu (, Science&Tehnics), Paul Badea (Badsi), Alexandru Nicola (Renovatio), Daniel Vlad (TMC Electric Mobility), Vlad Marinescu and Silviu Moraru (Titi Aur Academy) and Valer Hancaș (Kaufland Romania) had everyone’s undived attention with their presentations on how do electric cars and electric charging stations work, what is the current global situation as far as pollution is concerned and how will the infrastructure in Romania evolve in the following years.

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